Broken Automotive Gaskets and Seals?

Are you a regular victim of broken automotive gaskets and seals? There can be a number of factors affecting your vehicle’s gaskets. Its is very important that these auto parts are immediately repaired or moreover should be replaced as soon as possible. But have you ever wondered, why do you have to face frequent problems related to automotive gaskets and seals? Lets find out some of the factors behind these problems.

Gaskets and seals do not match your vehicle’s specifications – Yes, it is crucial that the gaskets and seals that would be used as replacement are in sync with your vehicle’s specifications. You often don’t use the gaskets that do not match your car’s requirements. This leads to easy and faster damage of the gaskets and thereby problems in the functioning of the engine. Abide by the vehicles manufacturers manual.

No regular check up of the Gaskets – This, indeed is very important. You often ignore checking the auto gaskets and automotive seals that becomes a cause for breakdown of the vehicle. A proper check of the gaskets would definitely show signs of damage, if any.

Compression in Cylinder – The compression in cylinder makes a leak in the automotive gaskets and seals of the vehicle. In the present auto industry and with the modern vehicles engine, use of aluminum in cylinder is the main reason behind it, as it cause more stress due to greater thermal expansion rate.

Signs of the Damaged Head Gasket Problems

Compression leak between cylinders
Presence of hydrocarbon gases or carbon monoxide (CO2) in the expansion tank of cooling system
Oil mixed with coolant
Excessive coolant with no apparent cause
Blue exhaust smoke indicate oil-burning head gasket

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